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Mural for Newburgh School Community art project is complete!




Jane Bradford is an artist with a background in community art projects who has children at the local school in Newburgh. Jane recently came up with the idea of creating a permanent tiled mural to be installed in the school playground and which would involve all of the children in its design.

Working with the children across all 8 classes artwork was produced about the history of their village. The main focus of the childrens work was on the large variety of shops which used to exist on the main street of Newburgh as well as the river Ythan which has always been important to the village which sits on the river estuary, and the beach. The children worked in a variety of media, including painting, drawing and printmaking and then Jane collaged the childrens work into a big picture which is a simplified aerial view of the village.

Jane knew that she wanted the mural to be permanent and so researched into the different media she could use to create it. She then found Tiledspace, and says she was impressed at the fact that the tiles were weather, light and graffiti resistant whilst also offering good quality reproduction of images.

The finished mural ended up being 5.4 x 3 metres.

The project has been lovely to work on, seeing the original design turn into the finished mural, Jane says that “Tiled space were great to work with and did the job quickly and to a very high standard. Now the whole village have a colurful mural depicting the history of their village which will be there for years to come and which they can be proud of.”

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