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Thirty entrepreneurial businesses are based at Telford Enterprise Hub (TEH).

The TEH is home to an inspirational business platform called Young Britain, which aims to help launch 100 start-ups in 2 years. A mammoth task.

We were keen to get involved and so began a project to respond to the brief ‘Use the external entrance area to make the premises stand out, create a talking point and provide an onward source of inspiration.”

Claire, our talented designer, worked with TEH to create a 73 tiled mural of a Georgian portico, to get the most from the space.

In keeping with the building character and the brand image, a unique ‘portico’ was created and installed.

Why the mural worked:
1. Created an optical illusion
2. The building is now striking
3. It’s instantly recognisable

The feedback has been astonishing and we’d love to hear your thoughts, too. Take a look at this viseo of the mural being installed!

Oh, and if you’re interested in standing out from the crowd with art feature tiling, we’d love to hear from you, here.


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