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Pushing the Boundaries!

In the last year Tiled Space have teamed up with Finnish company Temal Elements. This partnership has meant we have been able to successfully develop a product which combines digital printing with vitreous enamel steel panels to produce stunning images and colour quality for the exterior cladding of buildings, car parks and underpasses. This collaboration has really pushed forward to possibilities of digital printing.

Vitreous enamel steel is highly durable, non-fading and resistant to extreme. The steel is recycled so it is also an economical solution.

Suitable for architectural cladding, enamel steel is versatile and will modernise any exterior or interior of a dated building. A creative digitally printed design on enamel cladding which is sympathetic to a buildings surroundings will blend it into its environment, or alternatively make it stand out in the crowd!

It doesn’t even have to be cladding, take a look at this amazing enamel steel bench that we decorated with a photographed wooden slats and a newspaper! Great fun seeing people trying to pick up the paper!

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