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Our Top Ten Favourite Summer 2016 Swimming Pools

  1. Albion Barn Swimming Pool by Artist Richard Woods

Swimming Pool_Albion Barn

Albion Barn Swimming Pool by Artist Richard Woods

Absolutely our number 1 favourite, is this custom designed, outside swimming pool designed by artist Richard Woods for Albion Barn (and manufactured here at the The Surface Design Studio!). It was so exciting for us to be part of this project. Each large format swimming pool tile is like a floorboard, with a wood block print effect in stunning bright colours. Here are some more images of this unique swimming pool in progress,

  1. Indoor Swimming Pool with Photographic Tile Mural

Indoor Swimming Pool with Photographic Tile Mural

Indoor Swimming Pool with Photographic Tile Mural

We were thrilled to be able to give a home owner in Oxford the luxury of having their own personal panoramic view of the Seychelles every day! Digitally printed and hand decorated by the The Surface Design Studio, these tiles are extraordinarily beautiful.

  1. ArtDeco Craig Bragdy Swimming Pool Design

ArtDeco Craig Bragdy Swimming Pool Design

Art Deco Craig Bragdy Swimming Pool Design

We also love the stunning swimming pools by Craig Bragdy Design, who create ultra-unique mosaic murals. Highly decorative, handmade and painted, these intricate custom swimming pool tiles are amazing.

Image courtesy of Craig Bragdy Design Ltd via Pinterest


  1. Not Strictly a swimming pool…

swimming pool illusion

swimming pool illusion designed by artist Leandro Erlich

This miraculous swimming pool illusion designed by artist Leandro Erlich, is created by a piece of glass with running water rippling over the top of the pool, allowing visitors to both peer into the pool and walk around the bottom of the pool whilst keeping completely dry!

Image courtesy of The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa via Pinterest


  1. Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Violin Shaped Custom Swimming Pool

Commissioned by former Goldman Sachs banker, Jay Dweck, this custom designed, violin shaped, $1m swimming pool complete with glass tiles, fiber-optic and LED lighting and an underwater sound system is like no other and just shows what is possible.

Image courtesy of


  1. Mediterranean Style Tiles

Mediterranean Style Tiles

Mediterranean Style Decorative Tiles

A fresh contemporary look for decorative swimming pool tiles with a Spanish twist. Extremely popular and something we are often requested to produce.

Image courtesy of


  1. Ultimate Relaxation Swimming Pool

Relaxation Swimming Pool

Ultimate Relaxation Swimming Pool with Waterfall

We just want to slip into this glass walled swimming pool, it looks so relaxing and even has a stunning waterfall feature built into the stone wall.

Image courtesy of


  1. Geometric Monochrome Floor Tile Design

Geometric Monochrome Floor Custom Tile Design

Geometric Monochrome Custom Floor Tile Design

We love this geometric pool floor tile design. This look can be achieved by waterjet cutting black and white tiles into custom shapes, to create unique patterns.

Image courtesy of


  1. Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Design

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Design

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Design

Like fabric, this fluid mosaic tile design flows around pool edges and beneath the water –  stunningly beautiful and simple to reproduce.

Image courtesy of


  1. Stainless Steel Spa Pool

Stainless Steel Spa Pool

Stainless Steel Spa Pool

Stainless steel swimming pools not only look super stylish, but are also durable and virtually maintenance free (and completely the on trend thing to have!)

Image courtesy of


Contact The Surface Design Studio on +44(0)1782 512843 to see how we can help you create your perfect luxury space – our swimming pool tiles are fully vitrified, protected from frost, UV rays and abrasion.

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The Surface Design Studio partners with Oasis to add the finishing touches to new food & drink concept

Combine a coveted collection of cocktails with a scrumptious assortment of breakfast, lunch and cabinet food items, along with a whole lot of retail therapy and voila! You’ve got a damn good excuse to never leave Oasis’ flagship store.

Saucer and Spritz is an entirely new concept for shoppers in the London area. Raising the game for high street stores alike, Oasis have combined a knock out aesthetic and amazing concept, all in the name of food and fashion.

With a quirky, mis-matched look, we couldn’t wait to put our stamp on the project. It was a chance for us to be a part of an exciting opportunity and a way for us to really showcase our creative flair amongst other brands and businesses.

The Surface Design Studiosaucer and spritz - the surface design studio The Surface Design StudioThe Surface Design Studio

With a complete re-fit at the flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, it gave us the chance to completely let loose and create a visual treat. Think pink and blue hues, deliberate non-matching chairs, teacups dangling from the ceiling and an ‘all eyes on me’ bar. It almost has an Alice in Wonderland meets Parisian boudoir feel, which we love. We wanted to add a feminine and delicate touch to the table tops for Saucer and Spritz but keeping them durable and to withstand commercial wear.

The Surface Design Studio saucer and spritz - the surface design studioThe Surface Design Studio



The Surface Design Studio

The Surface Design Studio

Keeping within the theme, they chose colours that would offset the surroundings and keep the vibe fun, vibrant and anything but ordinary. The pinks and blues were perfectly complimenting to each other amongst the pastels and other colour pops within Spritz and Saucer.

Tabletop designs & bespoke tiles

Not only did we create some visual tabletops designs, but we also produced some decorative stair risers. From the ground floor, the staircase leads to a little more fashion and Spritz and Saucer. Unlike a lot of retail stairways, we wanted to create something a little more whimsical and pretty, using bespoke porcelain tiles to showcase the designs.

The Surface Design Studio

The end result; a space full of wonderful furnishings and features. With the chance to shop in one of the UK’s leading fashion chains, have use of the personal shopper, enjoy the opportunity to get your nails, hair, makeup and eyebrows done at Pin and Polish, the in house make-over studio and drink and dine at an amazing space, there is certainly no reason to leave Oasis soon.

We hail it, one of London’s most Insta-grammable spaces. 

To find out more about what the Saucer and Spritz has to offer then head over to the Studded Kisses blog for a full review. 

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