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Californian Public Art Project

Earlier this year, Alisa, our California based agent was contacted by the Public Art Program for the city of Oakland in California to produce a tiled mural for a public art project for the West Oakland Youth Centre. The Public Art Program commissions original works of art for public spaces throughout Oakland to enrich the city’s visual environment, integrate the creative thinking of artists into public construction projects and provide a means for citizens and visitors to enjoy and experience cultural diversity. Public Art projects are funded through a 1.5% allocation from all eligible City of Oakland capital improvement projects and eligible grant revenue. The chosen artist for this collaborative art project was visual artist Robert Trujillo from the Bay Area of California. Robert’s striking illustrations are bright and colourful.

Piece of Robert Trujillo's artwork

This permanent piece of Robert’s artwork is made up of a several sections, the largest and most complex part of the mural surrounds the main entrance, so there was a lot of careful measuring to be done! A tile plan for the mural was created to check the placement of the artwork and all the sizes were correct one last time, then we were ready to print!

The mural was installed in September and unfortunately there were a few tiles that were installed incorrectly and needed replacing. Robert simply quoted the reference numbers printed on the edge of the tiles and we were able to easily replace them.

The finished mural made up small and large sections is over 30 square metres and looks amazing. It has made such an impact to the appearance of the exterior of the building and it won’t even fade in the Californian sunshine!

Feedback from Robert Trujillo;


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Outdoor Wall Art

Since Alisa Miller of Tile Mural Creative Arts joined Tiled Space as an agent in America, we have worked on some fantastic projects with together including this outdoor water feature.

Alisa’s customer chose 15 x 15cm porcelain tiles. Suitable for exterior use the printed tiles are water and weatherproof perfect for this outdoor mural. The colours of the desert in the image are really complimented by the surrounding stones and it won’t even fade in the Las Vegas sunshine!

Another customer also picked the same image for their barbeque area on a larger 20 x 20cm tile, framed it makes great outdoor wall art; take a look at the photos!



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Pushing the Boundaries!

In the last year Tiled Space have teamed up with Finnish company Temal Elements. This partnership has meant we have been able to successfully develop a product which combines digital printing with vitreous enamel steel panels to produce stunning images and colour quality for the exterior cladding of buildings, car parks and underpasses. This collaboration has really pushed forward to possibilities of digital printing.

Vitreous enamel steel is highly durable, non-fading and resistant to extreme. The steel is recycled so it is also an economical solution.

Suitable for architectural cladding, enamel steel is versatile and will modernise any exterior or interior of a dated building. A creative digitally printed design on enamel cladding which is sympathetic to a buildings surroundings will blend it into its environment, or alternatively make it stand out in the crowd!

It doesn’t even have to be cladding, take a look at this amazing enamel steel bench that we decorated with a photographed wooden slats and a newspaper! Great fun seeing people trying to pick up the paper!

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