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Top 10 Things to Consider for a Perfect Floor Tile Project

1. Choosing your floor tiles

Whether you choose a patterned or a neutral floor tiles think about how your tiles will coordinate with the room colours and scheme. Natural stone tiles such as slate or granite work with many different styles.

But why not go for something unique such as digitally printed tiled mural or your own bespoke pattern tile design?

A particularly unique floor tile design was this one produced by The Surface Design Studio when we worked with Armatile to create a golf themed design for a hotel bathroom!

Golf themed bathroom floor tiles
Image courtesy of Rayanne Guest House, Belfast


2. Get a flat surface

If the floor is not level, then you may need to pour a self-levelling compound which gives you a flat, smooth base for tiling

3. Consider your knees!

Talking from experience, knee pads are a must especially if you’re are laying tiles over a large area.

4. Start off straight

Before you start laying the tiles, fix a straight edge to work from. This will ensure that you won’t run off in the wrong direction and the rest of the tiles will follow on in a straight line. Remove the edge later and you can trim tiles to fill the gap.

5. Tile layout

Think about the layout of the tiles before you start. There are many tile patterns to choose from. Straight lay is the more most common, but why not think about something a bit more interesting such as brick effect, herringbone, diagonal or versailles tile pattern, (a more random layout made up of small and large tiles.) If it is printed tile mural you are installing, then a plan will be provided with numbered references.

tile patterns

6. Spacers

Floor tile spacers are usually 3-5 mm wide. Choose a wider spacer for larger floor tiles, this allows for any movement.

7. Make it Stick

Make sure to choose the right type of adhesive for your floor. A flexible adhesive when tiling onto wooden flooring, or a strong (high bond strength) adhesive for tiling onto concrete or screed floors. Also check the expiry date on your adhesive, I learnt the hard way once when I found all the tiles popped off the next day!

8. Keep it Level

Use a spirit level to check the tiles are level, if they aren’t level lightly tap the tiles with a rubber mallet until they are.

9. Grout Colour

Grout colour will have a big impact on the final look of your tiles. You can go for a matching colour blending into the tile, or make a statement by using a contrasting colour that can draw attention to the layout of the tiles.

We love this bright blue grout against the white tiles, proving coloured grout can give a fresh look to tired tiles.

Coloured grout for tiles

Image courtesy of

10. Finally

Make sure to clean any residue of grout off the face of the tiles. If you opted for a natural stone tile, then it may be a good idea to use a tile sealer afterwards to protect the tiles.


Contact The Surface Design Studio on +44(0)1782 512843 to discuss your tiling project, we specialise in bespoke printed floor and wall tiles and we would love to help create your unique tiled space.


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Our Top Ten Favourite Summer 2016 Swimming Pools

  1. Albion Barn Swimming Pool by Artist Richard Woods

Swimming Pool_Albion Barn

Albion Barn Swimming Pool by Artist Richard Woods

Absolutely our number 1 favourite, is this custom designed, outside swimming pool designed by artist Richard Woods for Albion Barn (and manufactured here at the The Surface Design Studio!). It was so exciting for us to be part of this project. Each large format swimming pool tile is like a floorboard, with a wood block print effect in stunning bright colours. Here are some more images of this unique swimming pool in progress,

  1. Indoor Swimming Pool with Photographic Tile Mural

Indoor Swimming Pool with Photographic Tile Mural

Indoor Swimming Pool with Photographic Tile Mural

We were thrilled to be able to give a home owner in Oxford the luxury of having their own personal panoramic view of the Seychelles every day! Digitally printed and hand decorated by the The Surface Design Studio, these tiles are extraordinarily beautiful.

  1. ArtDeco Craig Bragdy Swimming Pool Design

ArtDeco Craig Bragdy Swimming Pool Design

Art Deco Craig Bragdy Swimming Pool Design

We also love the stunning swimming pools by Craig Bragdy Design, who create ultra-unique mosaic murals. Highly decorative, handmade and painted, these intricate custom swimming pool tiles are amazing.

Image courtesy of Craig Bragdy Design Ltd via Pinterest


  1. Not Strictly a swimming pool…

swimming pool illusion

swimming pool illusion designed by artist Leandro Erlich

This miraculous swimming pool illusion designed by artist Leandro Erlich, is created by a piece of glass with running water rippling over the top of the pool, allowing visitors to both peer into the pool and walk around the bottom of the pool whilst keeping completely dry!

Image courtesy of The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa via Pinterest


  1. Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Violin Shaped Custom Swimming Pool

Commissioned by former Goldman Sachs banker, Jay Dweck, this custom designed, violin shaped, $1m swimming pool complete with glass tiles, fiber-optic and LED lighting and an underwater sound system is like no other and just shows what is possible.

Image courtesy of


  1. Mediterranean Style Tiles

Mediterranean Style Tiles

Mediterranean Style Decorative Tiles

A fresh contemporary look for decorative swimming pool tiles with a Spanish twist. Extremely popular and something we are often requested to produce.

Image courtesy of


  1. Ultimate Relaxation Swimming Pool

Relaxation Swimming Pool

Ultimate Relaxation Swimming Pool with Waterfall

We just want to slip into this glass walled swimming pool, it looks so relaxing and even has a stunning waterfall feature built into the stone wall.

Image courtesy of


  1. Geometric Monochrome Floor Tile Design

Geometric Monochrome Floor Custom Tile Design

Geometric Monochrome Custom Floor Tile Design

We love this geometric pool floor tile design. This look can be achieved by waterjet cutting black and white tiles into custom shapes, to create unique patterns.

Image courtesy of


  1. Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Design

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Design

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Design

Like fabric, this fluid mosaic tile design flows around pool edges and beneath the water –  stunningly beautiful and simple to reproduce.

Image courtesy of


  1. Stainless Steel Spa Pool

Stainless Steel Spa Pool

Stainless Steel Spa Pool

Stainless steel swimming pools not only look super stylish, but are also durable and virtually maintenance free (and completely the on trend thing to have!)

Image courtesy of


Contact The Surface Design Studio on +44(0)1782 512843 to see how we can help you create your perfect luxury space – our swimming pool tiles are fully vitrified, protected from frost, UV rays and abrasion.

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Californian Public Art Project

Earlier this year, Alisa, our California based agent was contacted by the Public Art Program for the city of Oakland in California to produce a tiled mural for a public art project for the West Oakland Youth Centre. The Public Art Program commissions original works of art for public spaces throughout Oakland to enrich the city’s visual environment, integrate the creative thinking of artists into public construction projects and provide a means for citizens and visitors to enjoy and experience cultural diversity. Public Art projects are funded through a 1.5% allocation from all eligible City of Oakland capital improvement projects and eligible grant revenue. The chosen artist for this collaborative art project was visual artist Robert Trujillo from the Bay Area of California. Robert’s striking illustrations are bright and colourful.

Piece of Robert Trujillo's artwork

This permanent piece of Robert’s artwork is made up of a several sections, the largest and most complex part of the mural surrounds the main entrance, so there was a lot of careful measuring to be done! A tile plan for the mural was created to check the placement of the artwork and all the sizes were correct one last time, then we were ready to print!

The mural was installed in September and unfortunately there were a few tiles that were installed incorrectly and needed replacing. Robert simply quoted the reference numbers printed on the edge of the tiles and we were able to easily replace them.

The finished mural made up small and large sections is over 30 square metres and looks amazing. It has made such an impact to the appearance of the exterior of the building and it won’t even fade in the Californian sunshine!

Feedback from Robert Trujillo;


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Outdoor Wall Art

Since Alisa Miller of Tile Mural Creative Arts joined Tiled Space as an agent in America, we have worked on some fantastic projects with together including this outdoor water feature.

Alisa’s customer chose 15 x 15cm porcelain tiles. Suitable for exterior use the printed tiles are water and weatherproof perfect for this outdoor mural. The colours of the desert in the image are really complimented by the surrounding stones and it won’t even fade in the Las Vegas sunshine!

Another customer also picked the same image for their barbeque area on a larger 20 x 20cm tile, framed it makes great outdoor wall art; take a look at the photos!



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Pushing the Boundaries!

In the last year Tiled Space have teamed up with Finnish company Temal Elements. This partnership has meant we have been able to successfully develop a product which combines digital printing with vitreous enamel steel panels to produce stunning images and colour quality for the exterior cladding of buildings, car parks and underpasses. This collaboration has really pushed forward to possibilities of digital printing.

Vitreous enamel steel is highly durable, non-fading and resistant to extreme. The steel is recycled so it is also an economical solution.

Suitable for architectural cladding, enamel steel is versatile and will modernise any exterior or interior of a dated building. A creative digitally printed design on enamel cladding which is sympathetic to a buildings surroundings will blend it into its environment, or alternatively make it stand out in the crowd!

It doesn’t even have to be cladding, take a look at this amazing enamel steel bench that we decorated with a photographed wooden slats and a newspaper! Great fun seeing people trying to pick up the paper!

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Last Friday our sales manager, Mark Wood, attended the official opening of the transformed underpass at Beecroft Road in Cannock. Following months of development the underpass has been given a new lease of life with a digitally printed tile mural, stretching both sides of it’s entire 29 metre length!

The project named, ‘Changing Places,’ was part the local Town Centre Improvements Scheme, the Council’s Communications team and the Community Wellbeing Arts. A survey was taken by over 200 residents and shoppers to find out what they wanted to see in the underpass, 40% of whom preferred a ‘natural and fresh’ design option including greens and earthy colours, which became the theme for the artwork.

The finished mural is very impressive and has rejuvenated a previously uninspiring area. The mural depicts landmarks and buildings from around Cannock that many of local people will recognise. Over 60% of the 200 people asked use the subway at least once a week so it will be a more attractive walk the public!

Check out the before and after photos below!



To view a video of the project click this link


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Tee for Tile

Back in June I gave very little detail away about a project we were working on with Armatile in Northern Ireland. Armatile’s client was award winning Rayanne Guest House  in Holywood, Belfast. Holywood is home to world famous golfer Rory McIlroy and it was Rory who was the inspiration for the design of the Bathrooms at Rayanne House!

The entire project from start to finish took a lot of planning to make sure all the elements of an authentic golf course were included and fitted into the bathroom neatly around the room and into the shower. Prior to print the tiles, we send customers a plan of the mural for them to approve the layout, for this project there many versions as the designs were modified, the final version is pictured below;

Complete with bunker, golf ball and a plug hole in the place of the hole on the green, the digitally printed floor mural was custom designed in house at Tiled Space.

Made up of photographic images the mini golf course looks very realistic!

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We are pleased to announce that we have a new partnership in the United States. Established in 2000, Tile Mural Creative Arts is recognised as the leader in the US in transferring fine art, logos and photography onto stone, glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Alisa Miller of Tile Mural Creative Arts was previously let down by other ceramic print companies, until she found us a year ago. Since then we have developed a great working relationship so we were keen to get Alisa on board as an agent for Tiled Space in the US!

Over the last year we have worked on numerous private projects. Our first major commercial project has just been installed on the floor of the world renowned Princeton University’s Department of Energy.

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory logo measures 1.5 x 1.8 metres and is situated in particularly high footfall area outside the cafeteria, so it was crucial that the printed logo was printed on quality porcelain, is durable and slip resistant.

We have more exciting projects in the pipeline which I hope to be able to tell you about in the future!

If you are in US and would like to contact Alisa to discuss a project or ideas, you can find her contact details on our Tiled Space website or you can email her at


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Mapping the Way!

One year ago we had an enquiry from Rebecca Yorke of Pennine Prospects, a regeneration company who had commissioned internationally acclaimed artist Angela Smyth to paint a huge map of the South Pennines. The map was designed for display at the Hebden Bridge Visitors Centre in West Yorkshire.

It took Angela 6 months to complete the painting. Her lovely quirky style really captures the charm of the South Pennines depicting the local points of interest.

The artwork is very highly detailed and Angela had the artwork scanned in and sent over to us.

We then produced a super imposed visual for Rebecca of the mural in situ to give an impression of how the final mural would look.

Once the visual was approved we produced sample tiles of the mural for colour comparison and image quality. Then we had the go ahead! Printing the artwork on our digital ceramic colour machines at high-resolution we were able to retain even the smallest details so the final piece looks stunning!

Unfortunately there was one tile that got broken during the installation, however, we managed to quickly get it replaced. So in April this year the map was finally unveiled to the public and has received a fantastic response.

To see more of Angels Smyth’s artwork have a look at her website

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New Friendships!

Back in February we exhibited at the Surface Design Show in London where we met Paul Quinn, the Managing Director of Armatile in Northern Ireland. Armatile are the leading retailer, distributor, manufacturer and supplier of architectural and interior design tiles in Ireland. Having won numerous awards they have built a great reputation.

Since February we have discussed exciting projects which are now under way.  Recently Armatile installed the first digitally printed mural in their Armagh head office showroom, the first of three of their showrooms. The image is of a Greek head and the printed textured background sits really well with the stone tiles.

We are currently working on the final stages of a very exciting floor tile project for a boutique hotel bathroom, in the home town of one particularly famous golfer who has also become the inspiration behind the design! Hopefully very soon we will be able to tell you all about it!

We look forward to working on many more projects in future and building a great relationship with Armatile.

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