Creating a statement for HUS – printing onto wooden panels

From first passing glance, you wouldn’t think to look up from your morning paper or Instagram feed. What with its office like exterior and uniform windows. But look a bit closer and you’ll see it. The neon sign proudly illuminating the letters, HUS, with an arrow beckoning you to look further in.

Peer through the glass panels and double doors, to see a bustling new cafe, rooftop bar, underground basement, all in one, all encapsulating one thought; a gathering place, a hangout, a place to feel welcome. With a motto like that, we couldn’t pass up the chance to offer a piece of our expertise and product now, could we?

A modern idea for an exciting restaurant in Liverpool – printed wooden panels

When we heard of a new eating and drinking space opening up in Liverpool, we thought, how will this differ from the rest? Well, it was an inspired trip to Scandinavia that brought the story to life.

From their Swedish wooden stools delicately dotted around the floor and their cosy and homely twist on just about everything, this cafe couldn’t get more welcoming if it tried. Not forgetting their specially imported and commissioned Ercol day beds, acting as comfy couches and their help-yourself book shelves to enjoy with a coffee, you’ll feel like you’ve never left home.

We were intrigued on how we could add our modern ideas to this great space. What with homely comforts oozing from the freshly baked cinnamon scrolls to the then dimly lit, boudoir esque feel when night time hit. The owners wanted something that could transition from morning right through to evening..

Not only do we specialise in ceramic tiles, we also print designs onto wooden panels. Adding a statement, wooden-panelled backdrop to the space, was something that would really give it some extra va va boom and something that would work well with the Scandinavian styled furniture. With
the colour pops from the teal couches, the owners decided on something a little more subtle and went with an almost watercolour inspired leaf piece.

Being part of a such a unique and versatile project was an exciting experience. With its charisma and quirk, alongside some lip-smackingly good food, we were glad to be able to put our stamp on a beautiful space.

Thanks HUS!

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