Porcelain Thins – Your New Tiling Choice!

Porcelain thins are the tiles on every designer, architect and artists radar, and quite frankly, we are slightly obsessed too. Unlike regular tiles, porcelain thins are a lot larger and significantly thinner.

‘Won’t such a large surface area with a thinner depth be more prone to damage?’

Not at all.

Weighing half as less than conventional 13mm tiles, the reduced thickness allows for the larger tile size, while still maintaining durability and quality.

Not only does this reduced weight allow for less handling, they also enable faster coverage and fewer grout lines, saving both in time and in materials. With less weight comes less worry, and by using these tiles, it eliminates the overall loading in building construction and eliminates the need to compromise an image or design with messy grout lines and gaps.

Now, you may be wondering why we are so passionate about this new tiling phenomenon. Well, although you may already be familiar with our incredible ability to print designs onto high quality and versatile tiles, we are now able to custom print onto porcelain thins.

For use indoor or outdoor and able to withstand heat, water and frost, no matter what the project is, we work closely with each and every client to ensure that we find the perfect fit in all situations. We can also guarantee that they will not deform, crack or fade.

Not only do our porcelain thins allow for so much versatility, save on labour and introduce a completely new tile option for your project, they can also be cut using conventional tiling tools and can be applied directly over existing tiles saving on removal costs and a lot of hard work.

Tried and tested worldwide, why not join the rest of the porcelain thin converts and make a change for the better? Contact us on +44 (0)1782 512843


blue tiled porcelain thin

brown and red porcelain thin abstract-porcelain-thin-tiles

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